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Couple's Portraits

Couple’s Portraits

Couple’s portraits, also known as romantic images, are the cornerstone of wedding photography. These are the images you’ll hang in your family, place on your dresser and put on the front of your wedding album, among countless other places. These are the pictures you’ll show your children and grandchildren as you affectionately reminisce about the day you tied the knot.

Many couples are worried about this part of the day, but I’m here to tell you that it’ll go off without a hitch. We’re going to capture breathtaking images that will send you running to Facebook to share with the world -- and it’s going to be way easier than you’d expect.

How Much Time Should We Allow?

The amount of time needed depends on when and where your pictures will be taken. I generally allow 60 minutes for this session, though that may change if you choose to do a First Look. I highly recommend a First Look for many reasons, one of the most significant being that it results in the absolute best couple’s photos. If we include the wedding party and family portraits, this section will take at least 2 hours. The good news, though, is that we’ll do the
majority of the photography before the ceremony and you’ll be able to fluidly move on to the cocktail hour and reception with little more to do than enjoy yourself and your guests. If you choose not to do a First Look, we’ll schedule this session after the ceremony. View our General Timeline for more information.

Ultimately, my goal here is to capture romantic images of you being natural with each other. I want you to feel beautiful, confident and happy, so I’ll follow your lead when it comes to posing and your personality. I’ll offer guidance, as needed, to help optimize the lighting, location and your positioning. Other than that, we’ll strive to take some fun, romantic and emotional images celebrating what will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

Location, Location, Location

We can do your couple portraits virtually anywhere you want to! Most couples opt for a First Look and have them taken at the location of the ceremony, which usually makes for enchanting outdoor images with amazing natural light. I’m also happy to travel, though, and can recommend some areas nearby that might suit your style and expectations. As you’ll see on the General Timeline, I also schedule a brief 30-minute window for secondary couple portraits
around sunset.

If possible, I’ll sneak you away from the reception and we’ll take some quick pictures with the amazing light cast by the setting sun. If we can’t see the sunset from your venue, we’ll substitute it with another feature, such as the cityscape, historic buildings, a majestic weeping willow or something else in the immediate vicinity. This won’t take long, but it gives you couple’s images in more than one location/setting.

Note: If it rains, no problem (in terms of photography, at least). I come prepared with multiple cameras and flash equipment. If we need to move the couples’ portraits indoors, we will.

Tips for Amazing Romantic Portraits

  • Trust me!
  • Be yourselves!
  • Understand time and natural light influence location and poses
  • Know your location ahead of time and consider good areas for pictures
  • Think about the time of day when determining when to shoot these – if your ceremony is late in the day, you might not have enough sunlight for outdoor pictures after the ceremony. In these situations, I always recommend a First Look.
  • Don’t bring anyone with you – this is a private time for you and your partner, sans family and friends.