Fine-Art Wedding Books

My job is not finished until the photos are printed. They are meant to be handheld, touched, shared. In the days, weeks, months and years that follow your wedding, you’ll catch yourself reminiscing, sharing the story of your glorious day with loved ones and pining to step back in time and re-live those moments again and again. A wedding album allows you to do that in a meaningful way that goes beyond digital images and web media.

Quality To Stand The Test Of Time

Our wedding albums are designed to cherish, to hold, to smell and to feel the thick, velvety pages as they turn beneath your fingertips. We strive for strong, simple styles that will remain beautiful and elegant, whether 10 years have passed or 50.

Every book is handmade in Italy with the greatest attention to detail and quality.

We use Flush Mount albums, meaning your wedding images are printed directly onto the album pages. Every album lies flat and the images span the pages seamlessly without any gap in the middle. They’re also full bleed, so every image extends to the very edge of the page without any gaps. The pages are thick and velvety, making them easy to flip through and sturdy enough to open again and again.

Three Sizes

Our albums aren’t “trendy.” You can customize virtually every aspect of our albums, but none of the options are ones you’d regret in five years. Our couples get to pick the album size, paper and cover. And voila!

Our (not so) small, 8″ x 12″ Keepsake Book is an add-on with our Collection Two. The paper has a luster finish, the pages are thick, and you can choose from a variety of cover options, including metallic, faux leather and fabric options. Our Keepsake Album is very personal and intimate (and also great for parents or as a sign-in book!).

Our most popular, 9.5″ x 13″ Heirloom Book comes with our Collection Three. The paper has the same luxurious, luster surface as the Keepsake Book, but the pages are thicker and even more substantial feeling, and the cover is made from exquisite Italian leather. This album is larger and meant to be shared; it’s the perfect size for two people to spread across their laps and enjoy together.

Our premier option, the 12″ x 16″ Artisan Book, is included with our Collection Four. It has the same strong, lustrous pages as the Heirloom Album, but comes standard with fine art paper. Fine art paper displays printed images beautifully and instantly transforms that album into a work of art. You also have additional premium cover option to choose from, including distressed, nappa and sequoia leathers. The Artisan Album is very impressive and makes a wonderful addition to any coffee table or formal seating area.

The Papers

We use true photographic paper for all of our books, regardless of the package you choose. The JEITA Institute has rated the longevity of the pages at 300 years, plus it’s recognized for its ability to convey rich colors and a very high, professional-quality resolution.

A unique media that has a beautiful luster finish for great color saturation and a soft feel. Elegant to the touch, virtually glow free and resistant to fingerprints, luster finish provides an elegant surface that is ideal for creating beautiful prints.

The best in terms of quality. Silky paper with smooth matte finish is a dream to touch, and the non-reflective surface brings to life deep shades, rich colors, beautiful tones and a dreamy fine art feel. This option delivers a timeless and refined vibe to your most treasured photos. Also available as an upgrade, fine art paper transforms any album or print into a museum-ready work of art – perfect for a keepsake that will be in your family for generations.

The Covers

Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process. To help our couples achieve a 100% custom finish that reflects their personal style and decor preferences, we offer an extensive selection of materials and customizations to choose from.

The type of material chosen, its texture and available colors reflect your personal taste and make your wedding album a joy to display throughout your home. These visual elements, plus the rich feel of your book, are the first elements people will notice about it.

You have an immense variety of personal touches to choose from, so how the exterior of your wedding album looks is totally up to you! Some couples decide to use their wedding colors on their album cover; others choose features to complement the interior of their home. Whatever you decide, the important thing is it feels just right for you!

Why Horizontal Books?

Wedding albums are meant to be shared and, as I’ve mentioned, the best way to do so is sitting side-by-side with a loved one. Horizontal books are perfect for this as they can be opened wide, the pages are easy to turn and everyone indulging in the album can see it clearly.

Many of your wedding photos will be horizontal, so this is a nice, clean way to display them. Vertical and square formats are also available.

Parent Albums

The joining of two families through a union of two individuals in love is an event celebrated throughout time and across all religions and cultures. Parents often look forward to the wedding as much as the bride and groom and take just as much pleasure in sharing the memory with friends, co-workers and family members.

Our Parent Album is hands-down the most popular add-on chosen by our couples. Each Parent Album is a duplicate of your Wedding Album, only smaller. They have the same paper (Standard or Artisan), design and layout of images. Our parent albums begin at 8×12, but many parents choose an upgraded 9.5×13 edition for the larger image sizes. Custom parent albums are also available, so please don’t hesitate to ask!